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We Value Referrals

At SB Law Group, LLP we believe that our injured clients and their families should have access to quality legal representation. We value and appreciate the relationships that are made via referrals. SB Law Group, LLP accepts referrals from all over the Greater Los Angeles area and we comply with all the California State Bar Rules.

SB Law Group, LLP lawyers take pride in providing additional services to injured clients and their families. Our experienced attorneys will work diligently to get our injured clients the compensation they deserve. Additionally, we give every referring attorney pay out referral fees upon resolution. We gladly provide a compromised percentage of the attorney fees to all our referring attorneys.

The referral fee percentage amount is determined by the circumstance of each case. Some variables that are used to determine the appropriate fee-sharing percentage is; the type of case, the cost of a case, how involved the referring attorney is, and the current stage of litigation. SB Law Group, LLP lawyers will ensure that all parties will be given a fair fee-sharing agreement.

Please contact SB Law Group, LLP if you have a case to refer.