Auto Accidents

In Personal Injury matters the expertise and experience of the Personal Injury attorney that you choose can make a significant difference in how your affairs are handled and the results that are obtained. With SB Law Group, you can be confident that our Personal injury attorneys always have your best interests in mind.

We Care

We embrace our clients and place an emphasis on giving them access to the best medical care and rehabilitation facilities. We strive on getting our client’s the best medical professionals to help recover physically and emotionally. We understand that most of you have questions and concerns. We are here to answer each question and address all concerns. We will take the time to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision and assist you every step of the way to get your life back on track. Our goal is to remove the stress of the case from you, so you can focus on treating your injuries and beginning your road to recovery.

Our approach

We help our clients by:

  • Not charging ANY fees or costs unless we win (Personal Injury Cases)
  • Never taking any upfront fees or costs for any of our Personal Injury Claims
  • Advancing all case-related costs, including court filing fees
  • Determining the proper party to hold liable for injuries
  • Gathering evidence to support your claim
  • Calculating your damages including medical expenses, property damages and lost wages and income
  • Preparing and filing all documentation to minimize delays
  • Communicating and negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf
  • Acting on your behalf in all hearings, negotiations and court proceedings
  • Solely retaining the best investigators, legal staff, experts, and other specialists
  • Coming to your home, office or hospital to discuss your case
  • Fighting for the fullest and fairest compensation you deserve
  • Assisting you in obtaining the best medical care you deserve.

Compensation You Are Entitled To

Medical Bill Compensation

Clients who have been injured typically have medical bills for their injuries. The party who has caused the injuries is responsible to pay for the medical bills you have incurred. Common medical bills associated with Personal Injury Claims include:

o   Emergency Room & Urgent Care Bills

o   Chiropractor & Pain Management Bills

o   Orthopedist & Physical Therapy Bills

o   X-ray and MRI Bills

o   Specialized Treatment Bills & Other Expenses

These common medical bills for your injury treatment can be incurred immediately and, in the long term over the course of your claim, in order to be treated for your injuries. However, you have the legal right to be compensated for both immediate and long term medical bills.

Loss of Income Compensation

It is common for a client that has been injured to not be able to work for a period of time after an accident. The good news is that you may be able to recover your loss of income from the party’s insurance company that is at fault.

Depending on the severity of the client’s injuries and the nature of the client’s job, the client might not be to go back to work immediately. The client should discuss their dilemma with the doctor to see if it’s in their best interest to take some time to rest in order to heal from their injuries. The doctor’s recommendation and documentation of advising the client to take time off of work can be very helpful for their loss of income claim  against the at-fault party’s insurance company.

The client should also keep documentation of their missed days at work and rate of pay with their employer. This is important to the client’s claim since the at fault party’s insurance company would need this information to pay the loss of income claim. Client’s may also be able to collect on used paid vacation time and sick time due to the accident injuries. But for at fault party’s action, you would not have used the paid vacation time and sick time, which you may be entitled to receive back in your claim.

Loss of Earning Capacity

It is common for some client’s to have been so severely injured that they are now displaced from performing effectively in their profession due to someone else’s actions. If the client’s injuries do not allow them to perform their work, they typically miss an opportunity for promotion or are sometimes demoted in their position. The good news is that the client may be entitled to the difference in income between what they would have made over the course of their working life had the injury not occurred, and what the client will in fact make in their permanent disabled state. However, if the client is completely disabled, then they may be entitled to loss of earnings for the remainder of their life.

Property Damage Compensation

The client is entitled to compensation for that property damage that is incurred in an accident. The compensation for the damage can be in the amount of the repair or the total cash value of the damaged property (“totaled vehicle”).  Client’s may be entitled to a rental vehicle for the time period in which their vehicle is being repaired in the repair shop or until they obtain another vehicle in the event the vehicle was totaled. If the client has a second vehicle, then they may be entitled to compensation for the temporary loss of use of their property.

Client’s may also be entitled to receive compensation for items that were damaged or destroyed after an accident.

Pain and Suffering Compensation

Injured clients often experience pain while they are healing after an accident. It is also common for clients to experience permanent pain from the injuries that never fully healed. The good news is that the client can at least be compensated for their pain and suffering that resulted from an accident.

Other Foreseeable Harms

Injured clients have other options to get compensated for any harm they suffer as long as the harm is foreseeable. Our law firm would be pleased to further dive into those matters in order to find you a solution.

SB Law Group are able to assist clients in the following types of auto accident cases:

·      Drunk Driving Accidents

·      Distracted Driving Accidents

·      Truck Accidents

·      Pedestrian Accidents

·      Motorcycle Accidents

·      Bicycle Accidents

·      Rideshare Accidents

·      Single-Vehicle Accidents

·      Car Accidents Resulting in Catastrophic Injuries

·      Car Accidents Resulting in Wrongful Death

·      Hit and Run Accidents

·      Failure to Yield Accidents

·      Accidents Caused by Mechanical Malfunctions

·      Accidents Caused by Road Hazards

·      Tire Blowout Accidents