Real Estate Transactions

As counsel to a vast array of clients, the attorneys and legal staff at SB Law Group bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when servicing clients in the real estate arena.

Our team has experience within the field of real estate for over 10 years now as developers, investors, consultants, and property managers. Specifically, Arya Shakibkoo, a practicing attorney and a Real Estate Developer, has the experience and wealth of knowledge to effectively handle all types of real estate transactions. Considering that real estate is a major investment, it is important to have an attorney by your side who is experienced in real estate law and ready to protect your business and individual interests.

Our firm handles complex real estate matters which includes, but is not limited to,  the following legal issues:

  • Purchase or Sale of Property
  • Preparing, Negotiating, and Reviewing Purchase and Sale Contracts
  • Landlord – Tenant Disputes

·       Rental Payment Issues;

·       Violations of Lease Agreements;

·       Title Issues i.e. tenants’ right to purchase a property; right of first refusal;

·       Premises Liability and Personal Injury claims involving Slip-and-Fall accidents and Inadequate Security;

·       Eviction matters – 3-Day Notices, 30-Day Notices, 90-Day Tenant after Foreclosure Notices, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Agreements and Unlawful Detainer Lawsuits;

·       Retaliatory Eviction Matters;

·       Housing Discrimination Claims; and

·       Failure to Repair Claims.

  • Sale/Purchase agreements
  • Real Estate Development Agreements

·       Preparing Guarantor Agreements

·       Recording First Deeds

·       Securitizing Collateral

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Services

o   Preparing, Negotiating and Reviewing Residential Leases

o   Preparing, Negotiating and Reviewing Commercial Leases

o   Preparing, Negotiating and Reviewing Option Agreements

o   Preparing and Reviewing Assignments/Subleases

o   Leasing

o   Marketing

·       Preparing Real Estate Investment Partnerships

  • Eviction Claims or Defense
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Option Agreements

SB Law Group is prepared to aggressively and effectively  prepared to prosecute or defend your real estate and real property rights. Our firm has  successfully helped landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers in all real estate related matters. We strive on making sure our Clients’ transactions are carefully handled to identify potential risks, and to achieve our Clients’ goals.